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Cardiff Council

Head of Street Scene – Recycling & Neighbourhood Services
Job Category: Environmental/Waste/Recycling, Corporate Management
Contract type: Permanent
Working hours: Full Time
Department: Planning Transport & Environment
Grade: Grade OM1
Salary: £56,881 - £69,318
Closing date: 21/06/2019

Increasingly Street Scene services, including Waste Collections/Recycling, Street Cleansing and Highways are seen as not just about keeping streets and public areas, clean, well maintained and attractive but essential to the wellbeing and prosperity of citizens and cities. Furthermore, local residents increasingly expect the Street Scene to be of a high quality and services to be joined up, responsive, and customer focussed as well as value for money.

To maximise all these important demands such as nationally benchmarked service levels and outcomes, staff engagement and productivity, customer responsiveness and satisfaction, and value for money the successful candidate will need to skilfully bring together a complex range of factors into a unified improvement focussed approach that addresses the fundamental challenges that environmental service face in a time of increasing economic constrained budgets.

In this context, there are a number of key priorities for the new role that should be highlighted. Firstly, the comprehensive introduction of digital technology is central to transforming Street Scene services and ensuring future success. This will require a focus on automating processes, shifting customer transactions and services into online channels of communication, introducing where appropriate digital work scheduling and other improvements to deliver efficiencies and reducing costs in the face of rising demand. It is also essential in providing intelligence on service demand, which can be analysed to drive improvement and target resources where they will have the greatest impact.

Secondly, there will need to be a clear focus on improving the workforce environment, staff relationships, and engagement in order to create a modern, motivated and well-supported environment in which significant productivity improvements are consistently delivered by a workforce that feels highly valued, supported and has the right resources to deliver effectively.

The new post of Head of Street Scene – Recycling & Neighbourhood Services, will oversee a comprehensive programme of service change, with a focus on improving customer engagement and service levels, increasing productivity and digital change, and transforming workforce relationships in the context of value for money. It will be expected that the candidate has experience of successful delivery in each of these areas. In particular, they will need to highlight their previous leadership contribution to service and workforce transformation and their role in modernising services.

The post-holder will also contribute to a wide range of other initiatives both Directorate-wide in Planning, Transport and Environment as well as taking a role in wider corporate initiatives.

You will be joining an experienced, talented and committed Directorate Management Team providing the professional leadership needed to deliver the administration’s Capital Ambition agenda. It is an exciting opportunity.

This vacancy is suitable for post share.

We welcome applications in both English and Welsh. Applications received in Welsh will not be treated less favourably than English applications.

As a large public sector organisation, it is important to us that we support the economic wellbeing of our citizens and that our workforce better reflects the communities we serve.   Therefore, although not a requirement for application, we welcome and encourage applications from under represented individuals:
aged under 25
not in employment, education or training
from our local communities including in particular those from the Cardiff BAME community
able to communicate fluently in Welsh

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