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As the largest employer in Wales, City of Cardiff Council offers a wide range of job opportunities and a generous and progressive package of benefits.


A competitive salary in the context of a fair pay structure with annual pay awards and incremental progression

Pension Scheme  

The Local Government Pension Scheme provides an index linked final salary pension and tax-free lump sum on retirement..

All employees pay pension contributions automatically on commencement unless an election to opt out is made before commencement. Contributions are deducted at source and qualify for tax relief. Membership normally results in lower employee National Insurance contributions. The Council also contributes to the Pension Fund sums of money related to employees contributions.

Further details about the LGPS are available in the scheme booklet, "Local Government Pensions Scheme – Employees Guide" which is available on request and will be provided automatically to successful applicants.


We offer attractive benefits in this area, many in excess of the statutory minimum requirements

Flexible Working arrangements 

The Council is fully supportive of its Worklife Balance Strategy and offers a range of flexible working opportunities at all levels of the Council to help you manage your work life balance. Arrangements include a flexible working hours scheme, term time working, part time, compressed hours, home working and job share.

Holiday Provision 

The Council operates a generous annual leave scheme which can rise to 32 days per year after 5 years service. In addition there are 8 Statutory Holidays.

Car Loans 

A Car Loan Scheme exists offering competitive rates to staff to assist in the purchase of cars.


Purchase of season tickets from Cardiff Bus and Arriva Trains Wales on a monthly basis are available.

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Learning and Development

Cardiff Council values its employees by providing opportunities for them to develop as individuals and to receive the development they need to be effective in their roles. The People Strategy has been shaped by the Council's strategic priorities and our values of accountability, flexibility, openness, integrity, diversity, respect and working with others.

Employees can expect:

  • Access to a performance and development review
  • Equal access to a diverse range of learning opportunities to enable individuals to develop career paths within the Council
  • Managers to have access to the skills development needed to manage others and to manage business priorities
  • An ongoing programme of in house training including policy skills development and ICT
  • Accredited training e.g. Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM)

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Our Commitment

Cardiff Council is committed to promoting equality and managing diversity.  This commitment stems from: 

  • Our values as an authority, which include diversity, integrity, accountability, and working with others
  • The legal requirement to show due regard to the promotion of equality and elimination of discrimination, enshrined within a range of legislation and public sector duties
  • The clear business case for involving all of our citizens in the life and work of the Council.

The Council has a Strategic Equal Opportunities Statement, which commits us to supporting all of our employees and citizens, irrespective of their age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, preferred language, race, nationality, family background, caring responsibilities, or religious or non-religious beliefs.

Equality and Diversity is everyone’s responsibility, whether they are an employee of the Council, a Council Member or a supplier of goods or services to the Council.

Equality Strands

While the human rights agenda recognises people as complex individuals with a range of personal attributes, for ease of communication the Council arranges its equality work into seven clear strands, which are:

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Gender
  • Language
  • Race
  • Religious or non-religious belief
  • Sexual orientation


We are committed to eliminating ageism in employment, and are seeking to support both younger and older employees.  We have a School Leaver Scheme and Graduate Work Placement Programme in place, and are now also working with CareersWales to mentor and develop more young people into the organisation. 

We also have an Older Person’s Strategy which has developed its own forum and executive.


Having published our first Disability Equality Scheme in 2007, we are now working with our Disabled Employees Group to develop equality in a number of areas, including:

  • Physical Access – both in Council buildings and workplaces, and in the wider built and urban environment, and in public open spaces
  • Accessible Communications –so that Council services can communicate accessibly with our citizens in a consistent way


We published our first Gender Equality Scheme in November 2007.  As well as committing ourselves to combating general gender stereotyping  we are also producing an equal pay action plan to enhance gender equality. 


As the capital City of Wales and locus of the national media industry, the Welsh language has a crucial role to play in local cultural life.  We have since 1993 had a Welsh Language Scheme. Many Welsh speakers work for Cardiff Council, and we promote a positive work environment that values and recognises their pride in the Welsh language.

As a multicultural City with many minority communities we provide language support services through our Interpretation and Translation Service.

The 2001 Census identified 8.6% of Cardiff’s population as coming from a minority ethnic background.  More recent studies from our Ethnic Minority Achievement Service estimate that by 2011 one in four of our school children will be minority ethnic, reflecting recent patterns of asylum and economic migration, and the higher birth rates in Cardiff’s minority ethnic families.

We recognise that as an employer we must have a representative workforce.  As part of our 2008-11 Race Equality Scheme we will work closely with our minority ethnic employees as part of the Council’s ambition to become the Employer of Choice.

We are also delivering a vast range of services to meet the needs of ethnic minority communities and fund numerous community groups to also deliver services to specific communities and communities of interest.

Religious and non-religious belief

We set up County Hall’s Prayer and Reflection Room in February 2007, which is now providing an opportunity for employees of all faiths (or no particular faith) to reflect on their spiritual feelings.

There are also a number of initiatives in the community to bring differing faiths into dialogue, and we make progress in breaking down divisions around faith.

Sexual Orientation

 Cardiff, as the first local authority in Wales to sign up to Stonewall’s Diversity Champion Programme, has demonstrated its commitment to this Equality Strand. Our staff LGBT group is very active, and helps develop and scrutinise the Council’s policies.

And finally …

For more information on what Equalities and Diversity means to Cardiff Council, check out the Equality & Diversity pages within our website.


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