About the Council

As one of the largest employers in Wales, the City of Cardiff Council is focused on our vision to build a world-class, quality of life capital for Wales.  We provide approximately 700 different services across the city and the region..

The scale of the challenge means we understand that our 18,000 employees are central to our ability to make the vision happen.  We are focused on being an ‘employer of choice’ with real value placed on the diversity and contribution of every employee.  

Our Corporate Plan sets out what will be achieved by the City of Cardiff Council over the next three years towards the delivery of  our vision. The plan is structured in line with the council's four key areas of responsibility;

  • Economic Wellbeing
  • Social Wellbeing
  • Environmental Wellbeing
  • Cardiff Connections

Along with all other Welsh Local Authorities, Cardiff operates on a modernised executive structure. Councillors that have been elected to the Executive have a range of additional responsibilities over and above their duties as councillors.

Cardiff's 75 councillors meet regularly to decide the council's overall policies and to set the budget each year. Council meetings are open to the public to attend, except where confidential information is being discussed.

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